Alonzo Walkthrough

These are my notes taken while working with the Alonzo testnet.

The notes take you through the process of setting up an AWS instance running an Alonzo Purple node, using the command line to move ADA between wallets and compiling, submitting and executing smart contracts.

I haven’t provided solutions to all the Alonzo exercises here, please check the Alonzo-testnet repo for details of the exercises for each Alonzo stage.

It uses several helper scripts to simplify the creation of the commands. The helper scripts are simple bash scripts that create cardano-cli commands and should be easy to understand to get a grip on what is going on behind the scenes.


The exercises are only possible if you have some test Ada from the Alonzo White faucet. Test Ada is currently only available to members of the Alonzo test group in order to control usage of the network. Alonzo testnet is moving towards a public phase within a matter of weeks.

This is the setup I chose to use, but there are several other ways to run the node and configure the environment.